Cover: List of MAK and BAT Values

List of MAK and BAT Values

German Research Foundation – Permanent Senate Commission for the Investigation of Health Hazards of Chemical Compounds in the Work Area
(MAK Commission)

ISSN 2702-2765

The annually updated List of MAK and BAT Values contains in summary the threshold limit values suggested by the Commission, along with classifications and other designations for around 1000 substances found at the workplace. It forms the scientific basis for the legislation governing occupational health and safety in Germany and beyond. In addition to the MAK values of its title (that is, the amounts of a substance that as gas, vapour or aerosol in the workplace air do not lead – according to present knowledge – to damage to the health even after long-term exposure), there is also information as to whether substances are carcinogenic, cause damage to germ cells or the developing child during pregnancy, lead to sensitization of the skin or airways or are absorbed through the skin. It also lists the concentration of a substance in the body that does not cause damage to the health in humans (BAT values). In addition it describes the Biologische Leitwerte (BLW), exposure equivalents for carcinogenic substances (EKA) and the biological reference values (BAR).